Oct 15, 2013

1/2 Way There - checking in on fall goals

Ya'll, did you know that it's October 15th and I consider that about halfway through fall! I don't consider December "fall" because that's the start of Christmas/Holiday season. So I thought I'd check in this morning on how I'm doing with my fall goals so far.  I'll have a 31 Day Challenge post up this afternoon.

- Find, buy, and read a book on prayer. I bought A Praying Life and have read about 100 pages. It has been great so far and I'm excited to work my way through it. 

- Finish the bible study book my mom gave me last fall. I've done one or two chapters. Definitely a week or so behind now. Will try to make time for it this afternoon if possible. 

- Don't buy anything new for myself - unless it's skinny jeans. Failed already. I bought a skirt from J. Crew and a cookbook. Given our new budget cuts, this shan't be happening again! 

- Buy/make/hang curtains in the dining room. Last week I met my mom and we bought curtain rods! We are almost there! Now just have to figure out fabric, make and hang them. Halfway there! 

- Finish reading my camera manual. No progress... whoops!

- Make a major dent in December gift shopping. Doing pretty good so far... Not done, but probably nearly halfway. 

- Work up to completing 1 1/2 hours of yoga per week. The last week or two has not been good. But I did do an hour and a half one of the first weeks. 

- Write somewhere (whether here or a journal or even a post it note) something to be thankful for each day in November. I feel like the 31 Day Challenge is setting me up for this one. After reorganizing most of the house, writing something I'm thankful for should be a piece of cake! 

- Food goal: No theme but I do want to make the following:
Banana bread - check! 
vegetable lasagna
one last sangria
chili - Check!

How are you doing with your goals? 

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