Oct 29, 2013

Linen Storage

Most people probably have a linen closet. When you live in a house built in 1920 with three very small closets you don't have that luxury. So we have a linen trunk that lives at the foot of our bed.

Here's a peak inside:

We keep spare sheets and blankets in here. I took everything out to take inventory of what we have.

There were several old sets of sheets, blankets, and comforters that I don't use anymore and decided to just throw away. (They were not in donate-able shape!) I kept one or two flat sheets to use as drop clothes for paint projects or creating forts.

One the left hand side I put all our casual throw blankets, in the middle the drop clothes, and to the right I put our unused duvet for the down comforter (which is rarely used, but still in good shape), decorative pillows, extra pillow cases, and the winter blanket on top. We will need that in the next month or two so I left it easily accessible.

It didn't take long, but it was long overdue. How do you store your linens?

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