Oct 6, 2013

Laundry Room Organization

Good evening. Since its the weekend I'm actually preparing these posts the day of, hence the later posts today and yesterday.

Today we start a new area to focus on. Our laundry room! Everyone's is a little different and functions in different ways. I love our laundry room because of all the light and storage. But the storage does present its challenges. Here's our room:

This room is off our kitchen and my closet.

When we bought the house I could not believe all the space I had with these cabinets! So much storage!

This room functions for us in the following ways:
- Laundry room
- Cat food and liter central
- Stores Bryan's running shoes and sweaty clothes post run
- Plant storage during the winter months
- Small kitchen appliance storage
- Cleaning supplies
- Entertaining supplies (plastic cups, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc)
- Tools and small home items like light bulbs, extension cords, nails, etc.
- Dumping ground for anything I can decide where to put.

This week we'll work to make it organized and function to its highest level.

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