Oct 7, 2013

Laundry Room Organization: Out in the Open

One of the best ways to tackle a new organization project is to just pick an area to focus on. Something small, like a drawer, or a certain theme. It's how I worked in my closet, by choosing to work on the open areas first and then the drawers. That's how we're handling the laundry room as well.

A year or so ago we added a shelf behind the washer and dryer to utilize the space. In the winter months I put herbs here as it is the sunniest room in the house and they are out of the way. I love seeing the live in the cold months.

But over the last few months its sort have become a dumping ground. Pots that don't belong there, plastic ware from a party we had early in the summer, old plug in that didn't work, and a citronella candle.

So I cleared these off and put them where they belonged. I also put away other things that didn't belong in the room: coolers, hockey sticks, and old, unused cleaning supplies. (Seriously, some of these were left by the previous owners!)

I love after just 10-15 minutes the room looks visually better and more open.

I still have some paint cans here that I'll put away as soon as I finish up a touch up project (from February!) But I've recently been giving a lot of time so that should happen this week.

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