Jun 13, 2010

Recent News

Recent news in our lives:

1. I went to Minnesota for the first time ever.

This is as much as I saw of the city. But I met a ton of great people. And didn't hear one "dontchaknow", which I found very disappointing.

2. We have decided to go to Europe. First to travel and get a feel for it. If we decide we like it, we'll consider moving. We are focusing on Spain, Italy, and France. And will probably be traveling next February and/or March.

3. In lew of #2, I've decided not to buy more "stuff". We will be asking ourselves before any purchases, does this help us get to Europe?

4. Also in lew of #2 and #3, we're prefer money for any gift giving occasions in the next year.

5. I've got herbs! I need to do a whole seperate post on my little front stoop garden, but its now majorly hot outside and I can't bring myself to go out there.

6. We got Instant Netflix on Wii! The amount of time spent in front of the tv has now quadrupled. But we're mostly watching documentaries, so does that even count?

7. We took Bosco to the lake yesterday for a swim. She loved it. She also loved mud.