Oct 24, 2013

Office Organization Part II

Day two of the office organization! This project has been much different than most organizational projects. I have total control/say over the rest of the house, but this is the one area where I have to defer. Since Bryan runs his sales rep business through this room I'm not even sure what most of this stuff is!

This morning, before starting our work day (or even finishing our coffee) I asked that we spend some time working on one of the problem areas. We spent about 30 minutes going through this one corner of the room.

Here are some takeaways from business organization I learned:
- Sometimes it's not as easy as toss/keep/donate. Most of the items we weren't sure about we have to follow up on. Is this item still current? Do we need to return it to the manufacturer?
- Clutter happens because there isn't a system. I love Bryan, but he does not have the best organizational skills. We talked about some ways we can implement new systems to keep clutter at bay.

I don't have any before/after pictures for you today, but the area is currently looking a little better. The room as a whole is not yet. In fact, if you looked at it as a whole, it might look worse. But we're making strides.

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