Dec 28, 2008

So Close

So, we close in the morning. Only hours away. Tomorrow I become a homeowner.

Paint colors chosen. Check.
Possessions packed. Check.
Ready to move. No.

It wouldn't be so hard to move if I didn't absolutely love our apartment. It is THE coolest apartment ever. Or at least in Memphis. We took it two months before we needed it simply because it was so cool. Its my first place away from home and our first home together. Yes, we've outgrown it, but I still love it. And it kills me to see everything packed up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about our new house and seeing it become our home. But there is something bittersweet about leaving this place. So excuse me if I don't burst at the seams with excitement over moving.

Dec 21, 2008

Our First Christmas

From Holidays 08

Well only 7 days til we close on the house and I haven't even packed one box yet. I'm avoiding it at all costs. The boxes we have accumulated are hiding under the table or in our storage area, so all traces are hidden.

I am really bummed that our first married Christmas is overshadowed by the move. We originally asked for a closing date in January, but the seller wanted it at the end of the year, and as long as she was taking less than she was asking, we were pretty much okay with that. Now I take it back.

All the presents are wrapped (besides the one that has yet to arrive) and nestled under our lovely tree. Tomorrow night is the Baddass's family meal. Which means I'll race home after work and prepare two dishes. I made one ahead tonight and it took great self-will to not eat it. It looks amazing, if I do say so myself. Who can resist a warm rum cake?

But seriously, the Baddass asked if we could go to the mall on Saturday to get some Christmas cheer. I suggest we sing a loud for all to hear, but we do that all year round and doesn't provoke Christmas spirit in our house, just a reckless merriment. I felt bad for him, so I agreed. However, circling the mall parking lot for about 15 minutes without any luck only aggravated us both, so we went to a bookstore we had a gift card for. I sat and read my favorite magazine while the Baddass shopped for a gift for friend. Then we had a fabulous lunch at P.F. Chang's. Tonight I suggest we watch Elf. Nothing fills one with Christmas cheer better than Elf. Well, maybe A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation, but I do not own those on DVD (yet!) so we watched Elf and drank spiced rum.

We also had my parents and grandmother over and got rid of two remaining desserts. Definitely a score for my waistline, especially at this time of year. It was also probably the last time we will entertain at our apartment when it looks normal and not halfway packed. However, at this rate, I could entertain for the rest of the week and it will remain the same. Bwahaha.

Our first married Christmas is overshadowed by the move though. We can hardly focus on one thing and it makes me feel like an ADD child. I hate the feeling I get when I think, "if I can just get past Christmas..." I love Christmas and I wanted to enjoy it make it extra special this year. But I guess there is always next year...

Dec 18, 2008


So things are still gung-ho regarding the house. We close in a little over a week. I have started full swing on paint colors today. I even forked over a little money to use this handy-dandy thing on the Behr (the paint brand) website where you can upload a picture of your own room and then paint the colors on there... its pretty cool in concept, but I keep having issues with it. And the most annoying part is the colors look WAY different when they are painted on. Like five shades too bright and light. Which has me really confused. But we're going to want to start painting once we close so we can get most of the painting done before we move in. And I still have absolutely no idea what color to paint our bedroom. What goes well with brown, wood, and hunter green? Anything in the purple family is out.

Dec 9, 2008

Christmas arrangements, buying a house, and freezer burned food give me a headache.

Dec 6, 2008