Jun 25, 2013

Weekend Projects

Bryan thinks that we are getting old. Working on projects for fun that aren't necessary. I think it's awesome.

Saturday I went to the fabric store and attempted sewing on my own. I sewed one and a half napkins before I broke it. Okay, so I didn't break it, I just ran into trouble when winding the bobbin. I have been reassured it is not permanently broke.

Last week Bryan brought home a small pallet from Breakaway that a display came on. He wanted to make a vertical planter out of it.

We filled it with herbs and flowers. So far it's still up after 24 hours.

Sunday morning I made biscuits. I don't have a biscuit cutter and have little patience for rolling things our and flouring surfaces, so they were drop biscuits.

I've never been a big fan of biscuits, but I heard a story via podcast on biscuits and since then have been wanting to make some. We woke up with plenty of time Sunday morning for such a thing and I mustered up enough courage to make them.

Jun 24, 2013

Last week recap

We got back from New Orleans on Saturday night. Sunday was Father's Day. We went over to Mel and Di's for a family dinner. The girls and I played with the Zoo app on my phone. The following ensued:

I started a new job! At Ericson Group downtown. I came home for lunch on my first day to eat with Bryan.

Bryan apparently doesn't work with a shirt on in the summer.

Santa came early this year! Mom purchased a rug for our entry/living room. It is the perfect colors!

Things are progressing pretty well with Roux and Tigger.

I love this man.

Jun 23, 2013

NOLA trip - the rest of

I posted an update from our first day, but not the rest of our trip.

Friday morning Bryan had an appointment in Houma. I had an almond croissant for breakfast and visited the U.S. Mint museum. They had a great exhibit upstairs on Preservation Hall.

When Bryan got back to town we visited NOLA Brewery for their brewery tour.

We saw Kermit Ruffins at the Blue Nile later that night and it was a highlight of the trip. He is definitely worth catching when in town.

Saturday morning we went back to Cafe d'Ore and had almond croissonts.

Bryan got another hat at Goorin Bros.

Our last meal was at The Sylvain.

We started with a great Southern Anti-pasta platter.

It was a short, but great trip.

Jun 14, 2013

Disbatch from NOLA

Yesterday we woke at an ungodly hour to drive to our favorite city. We made good time with one stop north of Jackson for bagels, coffee and gas. We see able to arrive early enough for a decent lunch. 

Since Bryan had an appointment and abandoning me we decided to eat at Liuzza's by the Track in mid-city. We accidentally ordered John Goodman's character in Treme's last meal: Abita amber, bowl of gumbo, and the BBQ shrimp po-boy. 

Bryan dropped me off at the edge of the quarter. It was hot. My plan was to wonder all afternoon but the heat was not bearable. I spent a couple hours in the Carousel Bar (it really spins) people watching and downing Pimm's Cups before braving the heat again. I walked back towards the Marigny and checked into our guest house. 

Bryan picked me up after his last showing and we drove over to the Garden District to meet a friend for drinks. St. Joes Bar is known for their blueberry mojitos. I had two of these delicious beverages. 

For years now I've been dying to go to St. James Cheese shop but its never worked out. We were around the corner and decided we could share some cheese before deciding what was next. We shared a three cheese board and a cured meat board and each had a local beer. To say I was in heaven is not an overstatement.  

I was wiped from the early morning and the heat so we went je and went to bed. 

Apparently Beau and Christina are also in town and we are planning/hoping to see them today. Bryan has a showing out of town this morning and then he is all mine!

Jun 13, 2013

State of the Garden Address

For as much as I talk about the garden in my spring fever, I haven't posted much about it in a while. So before watering the other day I snapped some photos.

The lettuce bed. I need to eat so much lettuce. Its kind of ridiculous how much lettuce we have. Note to self: an entire bed is much to much.

The carrots and tomato bed behind it.

I swear these cucumbers are doubling in size every single day. I even noticed a few flowers this morning.

Sweet pepper. This plant hasn't really grown that much, but its producing fruit, so I guess its okay?

Lima beans... this year's experiment.

Chives. I've had this plant for a few years now.

Jun 12, 2013

Out of the comfort zone

This past weekend we both stepped out of our comfort zones. 

I signed up for an open instruction sewing lesson. This sort of this is totally out of my element, but since I recently resolved to learn to sew I figured this was the best way. It was a little shakey at first, but after a few hours I managed to put a pillow together. So far its still in one piece. 

I was so insanely proud of my success it was ridiculous. 

Bryan also stepped out of his element and baked some rugaleh on Sunday. Since I'm not much of a baker I suggested he take it up. He did. 

I sort of forgot to take a picture of the finished product. It was delicious. 

Jun 11, 2013

We live in a zoo

We watched the movie We Bought A Zoo recently and ever since Bryan likes to yell spontaneously "We live in a zoo!"

Sometimes it does feel like we live in a zoo.

Jun 5, 2013

Summer 2013 Goals

You know I love goals! What's a summer if it doesn't include some weird goals I've set for myself?!

Here are some past goals:

Without further ado, here are 2013 summer goals:
- Throw a big ass party. This one's already done! Booya! Our Memorial Day weekend party was the biggest party we've ever thrown just for us. (Showers and engagement parties for others don't count.) We had so much fun seeing and hanging out with some friends.

- Sangria! I bookmark so many sangria recipes that I decided it was high time to try some! I've already made one recipe and I plan to try a new one every week or two throughout the summer.

- Pickles! I made a few pickles last summer, but this summer I really want to embrace it and try different things.

- Start learning to sew. I don't expect to become an expert by the end of the summer, but I do hope that I can motivate myself to start playing with the newly restored machine and learn a few basics.

- Window treatments. I sworn the last few years that that year was the year of window treatments and it has yet to happen. (Although to give myself a little credit I did make a sad looking valance for the bathroom.) This year is the year. I have the fabric, I have a working machine. No more excuses! By the end of the summer I'd like to have at least one treatment done. Doesn't even matter what it is. Just something.

Jun 2, 2013

Updates in the Closet

Look what Bryan did!!!!

A few weeks ago he spotted some old doors standing outside a wrecked building downtown. He made us drive back down there and bring them home. Then they sat on our front porch for several weeks.

Motivated by the Memorial Day weekend party he started working on the wardrobe. He and his dad worked together a great deal and were able to finish it in less than a week!

It offers so much more storage... more than I even anticipated. I've hidden some things in the back of it which help free up more floor space in the room. We are able to open the door to the laundry room now and make it a much more put together, come and sit and enjoy Rachel-Land feel. I'm loving it.

Thank you, Baby!

Jun 1, 2013

Downtown Urban Art Tour with LuniTects

Some photos....

Our guide from the Urban Art Commission

This is one I took with the cell. This is the big silver thing in front of the Cannon. Did you know there are seats in there? And that there are some great acoustics inside?

One aspect of this tour that Bryan and I both enjoyed was seeing a different part of Downtown than the one we normally visit.

We also got to ride the trolley along Riverside.