May 31, 2013

The one where Nick and Meg get married

May 11th we traveled to Calico Rock, AR for the union of Nick and Meg! 

It was an adorable wedding filled with lots of personal touches. Here's a few moments. 

Table centerpieces

Muffins and Bryan

Beer from mason jars.

First dance

spontaneous dancing

cutting of the cake

What a lovely afternoon we had. Thanks for letting us be there! 

May 30, 2013

Life Lately

I've been slacking on keeping up with my posts this past month. The main reason is that I have been terrible about downloading pictures from my camera. I don't promise to be better until the fall because the heat makes me super lazy around the house. So instead, look forward to random posts catching up on the madness.

Our handsome man is become more bold in coming out from under the guest bedroom bed. This morning he was wandering around the dining room towards the living room without a care in the world until he saw Roux laying on the couch and started backing away slowly. It was pretty cute to watch.

Motley is the same as always.

The annual mother's day bouquet acquired from the farmer's market.

I got a new app.

which has caused a new unhealthy obsession with said app.

I've been playing with this setting on my camera that is good for speed (supposedly). This is the best one I've gotten so far. I love the flying Roux picture. Look at the ears!

I sent this to Bryan when he was in CO.


Bryan texted me this picture while at work one day. This, my friends, is the cutest picture that has ever been taken. In the whole world.

A new season kicked off last week at the Levitt Shell.

We attended one last game at the Grindhouse. The Spurs swept the Grizz in the Western Conference Finals. It was sad to see them lose, especially in the Grindhouse, but it was such an incredible season. It makes me weepy thinking about it.

We had a big Memorial Day weekend party at our house this past Sunday. I failed to take any pictures. Oh well...

More posts coming up from Nick and Meg's wedding and the last LuniTects tour.

May 18, 2013

Woof That Trick

Lately I've become obsessed with the cutest named and looking NBA dog, Buckets. I mean, come on! Buckets is just a cute name in general, but for a dog who's dad is a professional basketball player? I die. 

So Buckets has become pretty famous, as well he should. We spotted him and his grandmother at the downtown farmers market this morning and Bryan insisted on pictures. 
Good luck to Bucket's dad, Quincy Pondexter and the other Grizzlies as they take on the Spurs for the western conference finals. 

May 14, 2013

All heart, grit and grind

Bryan bought us tickets to Game 4 against the Thunder. 

The Grizz managed to come back from 17 points down to win in overtime. 

It was a great time in the Grindhouse. 

May 13, 2013


Life has been sort of busy lately and I haven't really be out of town since before I started at Crye-Leike. Since OCTOBER. This is totally unacceptable in my book. I was getting a bit stir crazy. Bryan booked a beach trip. 

We arrived Thursday in time to grab some lunch at Cafe Karibo. Then we went to the harbor to buy us some seafood. 

The weather was delightful. Not. It rained from the time we landed until Sunday late morning. 

Friday night we had dinner at Lulu's and walked around. I had heard there was going to be a Pirate Invasion at 9:30 followed by fireworks. 

There was no way in hell I was going to miss a Pirate Invasion. I mean, come on! How many Pirate Invasions do you get to witness in your lifetime. Not many. I had unreasonably high expectations. I don't really know what I was expecting, something more along the lines of those zombie walks down S. Main. 

This is what a pirate invasion looks like. (I'm using lower case now because that is all that it deserves.) Some sort of acted out skirmish on stage, followed up by the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack played over the loud speaker and some gun fire over the water. 

Pirates on the water. 

There were a ton of people downtown. Most were not amused. 

Fun story: There were a ton of people around like I said. Most were just waiting for the fireworks to start. I saw a family move away from a prime spot and it looked like they were leaving so I moved in to take the space. But apparently they were not leaving and the grandma bitched me out. For the record: I do not push kids out of the way and take their fireworks watching spot. If fireworks watching spots are abandoned they are up for grabs in my books. Sorry suckers. Only not really because bitchy grandma then pushed me out of the way. 

Fire works were fine. It was cool seeing them over the harbor. 

I eagerly anticipated Sunday... there was a forecast of sun! Sun!!! This is what I woke up to: 
Hm... at least its not raining.

It ended up being a nice enough day despite the beach fleas. I got to spend a few hours on the beach. 

We went to dinner at Sliders's, which was regrettable. But we took some nice pictures! 

This is my natural state. No make up, no brushing of the hair. I'm not sure if its working or not. 

Some kind strangers offered to take our picture. We finally have a picture of us on vacation. together. This is a first.

Monday morning, also known as the day we had to go home and the day that I cried and also the day that I got drunk on too much pirate punch, we went for a walk on the beach. 

Bryan leads the way.

TA style.

I was wearing my St. Mary's 1993 Field Day shirt and I mentioned to Bryan that I had had this shirt for twenty years and he told me not to tell anyone that. 

There were a ton of shells. 

I like him. 

Then we went downtown for lunch to make up for the terrible meal at Slider's. Then we had too much pirate punch at Palaace Saloon. Then apparently we went home. It was a blur. 

May 10, 2013

The Girls

*Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been busy. We took a vacation! I'll have a beach recap post soon. 

Roux is a cuddle dog. Motley is also a cuddler. Okay, so pretty much everyone in our house loves to cuddle except Tigger and Dribble. Tigger only cuddles when everyone else is out of the house. We are kind of kindred spirits in that way. 

Anyways... since the girls love to cuddle, there have been a number of girls cuddling with each pictures.  These will NEVER get old. So here are some more!

Green with black and white is my favorite outfit combo. 

Boob shot.

I mean seriously. Those faces!