Feb 28, 2015

Most Used Baby Item

When we found we were having Charlie we talked a big game of how we were not going to be those people with a ton of baby items. We tried to keep our registry minimal. 

As I type this there are two large baby things in our living room. This is temporary. Charlie won't need a swing and bouncy seat forever. And I still hold firm that I won't let the living room collect all the toys. 

But our most used, life can not go on without this one item baby item is: the Boppy. 

We use it to breastfeed. 

For hanging out. 

And snuggles. 

Even the girls love it! 

Feb 23, 2015

Mid Winter Garden Update

We are still in the midst of winter here in Memphis complete with four "snow" days this week. Although we got very little snow. It was mostly just ice which is not fun.

Last Saturday was actually pleasant and I decided to try out my new Solly baby wrap. Charlie and I went out to check on the garden and green house.

Charlie's first gardening experience!

There's not much happening out there. A few herbs and strawberries are still surviving - although I haven't been back there since our snow week, so who knows now.

In other news I purchased a couple of blueberry plants and a couple more blackberry bushes from Stark Brothers. This is my first time ordering with them and I'm excited to finally get some blueberry bushes! I've been wanting some for a few years now.

I also purchased some garlic to plant. This past summer I received some fresh garlic in my CSA and it was life changing. I'm not sure how it will work in my garden - I don't have very high hopes - but I'm pretty excited at the possibility of getting more of that amazingly fresh garlic again. Mmmm...

I keep hoping that one of these days when Charlie is down for a long nap I can work on figuring out when I need to start my seeds and come up with a more detailed plan for the garden. But so far it hasn't happened. Maybe one day this week...

What's happening in your winter garden? 

Feb 10, 2015


This picture perfectly sums up how I was feeling at that particular moment.

Feb 9, 2015

Charles Dixon Baddorf

Charles Dixon Baddorf was born on Saturday, January 31st at 4:31 pm. 

9 lbs 4 oz, 21.5" long

This little bear is keeping us on our toes. 

Weekly Links

We are in a serious baby haze over here. Oddly enough I still have time to catch up on social media and blogs during breast feeds and holding a squishy faced baby.  Here's some things that caught my attention.

I'm obsessed with these bags. Seriously. I need one.

I love Frances McDormand. I especially love this video of her on aging. Her hair is fabulous. For a few years now I've had some grey hairs and I refuse to pull or color them.  I earned those grey hairs. Every time I see them I remember all the shit I went through to get them.

Love this look at motherhood and parenting.

As a task oriented person, this post was a much needed word.

Fascinating look on Millennials buying habits and how companies should change to accommodate the changing perspective on goods.

I pinned the heck out of this house.

Food links:
Slow Cooker Pork Ramen - ever since our New York trip I can not get enough ramen. Need to try this once the will to cook returns.
Chili Style Beans on Roasted Sweet Potatoes - it must be the hormones but this looks really good to this normally bean hating person
Corn Chili, Potato Soup - I have a can of chili in adobo sauce. What are the chances I am going to cook before these go bad?
Cheesy Avocado Quesadillas - I want these right now, but with chorizo
Chili Mac and Cheese - I'm obviously craving comfort food

Have a happy weekend! Oh and Valentines too. I hear that's happening this weekend.