Sep 4, 2013

Fall Goals 2013

On the way back from Asheville the other day I had some time to think about my fall goals. For the next three months before the holiday season sets in what do I want to accomplish? Here's what I came up with:

- Find, buy, and read a book on prayer. Last week our pastor mentioned several books on prayer and I want to purchase at least one of them and read it. He mentioned that we'll be focusing on prayer within the next year and I'd like to get a jumpstart. Also, Bryan mentioned wanting to better our prayer life a week or so ago. So we agreed that I'd read the book and report back with my findings.

- Finish the bible study book my mom gave me last fall. Whoops.

- Don't buy anything new for myself - unless it's skinny jeans. It's really time I find some... if I make time to go shopping. And I can't make promises like that.

- Buy/make/hang curtains in the dining room. Seriously. I need to get on that. My goal is to have them done before Thanksgiving. Because I can just picture us having the perfect Thanksgiving meal in our dining room and if  I don't have the most perfect curtains it won't be the most perfect Thanksgiving. Obviously.

- Finish reading my camera manual. This was a goal for the year and the year is rapidly ending. Time to get on it.

- Make a major dent in December gift shopping. So far I have one present. Ideally I like to have all my December gifts purchased before December. It makes the month so much less stressful without having the pressure of finding the perfect gift hanging over my head.

- Work up to completing 1 1/2 hours of yoga per week. Currently I'm doing about 45 minutes and I know I need to do better.

- Write somewhere (whether here or a journal or even a post it note) something to be thankful for each day in November. I kinda tried to do this the last year or two, but only half-assed it.

- Food goal: No theme but I do want to make the following:
Banana bread
vegetable lasanga
one last sangria
chili (I'm craving it today, along with cold weather)

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