Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine's day this year, I surprised Bryan with a brewery tour at Ghost River Brewery downtown. It was actually a better tour than our Sam Adam's Brewery tour, which turned out to be an even better surprise.

We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing at home and watching Olympic games.

Today, Bryan surprised me with a custom made ring. Its gorgeous, yet understated, and if I'm able to get off the couch in the near future, I might post a picture of it. We had leftovers for lunch after church and watched more Olympic games. (Two sports I've never heard of before: Biathalon and Nordic Combined). Other highlights include a nap and Bryan cleaning all the dirty dishes left over from Friday night. (Didn't I marry well?!)

We have dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, which I'm excited about.

Hope you had a great Valentine's with your true love.

Feb 13, 2010

Facial Hair

I leave you this Saturday with a series of pictures. Enjoy

Don't worry, the Fu Man Chew (is that how you spell/say that?) did not last long. He's now clean shaven and I'm still wondering if he's actually my husband after living with a bearded man for 8 months.