Apr 18, 2017

Easter 2017

We kicked off our Easter festivities with IPC's annual concert at the Shell Saturday night. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was a great way to start our Sabbath after several days of yard work. 

Charlie enjoyed the music and seeing his friends. 

Charlie's first Easter basket. Bubbles, garden gear, books and stickers were a hit. 

Oh, and candy. Can't forget the candy. 

We picked up donuts for Sunday school and shared bacon donuts on the way to church. 

Sadly I didn't get any photos of our other events. Needless to say, we enjoyed spending time with our families and celebrating our risen Savior! 

Apr 12, 2017

Germantown Easter Egg Hunt!

This past Saturday I took Charlie to Cameron Brown Park here in Germantown for the city Easter Egg hunt. It was kind of on a whim that we decided to go and I had no idea what to expect. Since Charlie is two and still in the youngest age bracket (yup, that's an Easter egg hunt thing) his age group hunt started at 10:30. We pulled in at 10:10 and walked straight to the hunt area. 

They had the hunts on baseball outfields. Tape blocked us from hunting too early. 

Quick selfie before the hunt. 

Charlie didn't get a ton of eggs, but he was happy. Especially when he realized there was candy in each one! 

Those hunts are competitive and go FAST! I had no idea what to expect, but man, those parents were snatching eggs left and right. I let Charlie pick up his own and he was totally content with his loot. But spying the other kids baskets as we left I was feeling pretty angry at the other parents. 

They also had a great petting zoo area. There were some sheep tied up in the grass that we could comb and pet and even feed! Charlie touched a bunny and a sheep. 

We had other things to do so we skipped the bounce houses and the playgrounds. But Charlie had a great time and I'd consider coming again next year. 

Apr 4, 2017

Charlie in the Azaleas

Our new house has many mature azaleas and ever since we bought it last year I've been so excited to see them bloom.  When we moved in at the end of May last year they had already dropped their blooms. So this spring is the first we are seeing them in their full glory. 

The bushes in the driveway have already bloomed and are slightly past their prime. But the overgrown bushes in the front yard are in their full glory right now.  I took this as an opportunity to get some pictures of Charlie. 

The sweetest little thing. Probably need to frame this one. 

After getting these he decided we needed to take pictures by ALL the bushes. So the rest are with the nandinas. 

What a goofy, but fun boy! 

Happy Spring!!!!

Mar 30, 2017

March Life Lately

When I was sitting down to write this post I was going to say that not much happened this month, but then I uploaded a bunch of photos! I guess things did happen this month. 

It was a month marked by swings: beautiful weather to terrible weather, feeling great to getting a stomach bug, etc. Here are a few pictures from this past month: 

Slide at church. 

Charlie and our neighbor's granddaughter are such sweet friends. I love seeing them play together. 

Charlie took this of me trying to catch a quick nap while he played. 

Having snack at Riverdale Park. 

Charlie and his friend Mabel found filling cups with mulch super fascinating. 


Wearing Mommy's shoes around the house. 

Motley sitting on Roux's head. 

His favorite book of the week. (Currently its a tractor book.) 

Bath time, fun time. 

Another snack time at another park. 

It snowed!!!

Mom put the boys to work making meatballs. 

Special dinner out with sweet friends. 

Chowing down on some grits. 

March often feels like an in-between time. Not winter anymore, but not yet full spring or summer. I'm grateful to see all the flowers and trees blooming. Everyday its another new plant. 

When we are down with illnesses or setbacks it's hard to be thankful for these happy times. Lord, help me not to forget.