Jul 26, 2016

A Quick Trip to Nashville

Bryan has been steadily traveling since May. May through July is one of his traveling seasons (November - January being his other). I've gotten a bit jealous of his travels while stuck at home with our lovely toddler. Knowing this, Bryan offered to take Charlie and I on a trip to the Nashville area last week. Here are a few pictures of our trip:

Where we ate: 
Loveless Cafe
Jackelope (just drinks)
Hattie B's
Biscuit Love
Mas Tacos

Garden update

Not long after moving into our new house I noticed a tomato plant in one of the front beds. Two actually.

Can you spot it above, near the hostas? So random. I'm guessing someone left their lunch remnants behind to rot in the bed? I don't even know. But we somehow got two tomato plants. 

They were growing but not blossoming because they don't get enough sun in this bed. For weeks I've been meaning to transfer one of them to the garden and last week I finally did. 

It was a bit withered by the time we got to the garden and got it in the ground. I did not have high hopes for it. But it's still there, although still no blossoms. 

One day last week I arrived to the garden to see this. 5 tomatoes on the ground. Argh. So far more tomatoes on the ground than I've gotten to eat. 

Here we are on Monday. It really doesn't look like much. 

I spent a great deal of time, energy and sweat on the okra last week. There is a weed out there that looks very much like okra, lazily I've pretty much just let it go. Until the other day. I figured out the difference between the two and went at it. Now I've got a row of semi-healthy okra plants. 

My Monday harvest above. I get about this much okra every visit (every 2-3 days) which has been nice. We love love love oven roasted okra, so it's been nice to have some each week. 

I'm a bit  frustrated with my tomatoes. I started out with almost 30 and have about 5 plants now. Cherry tomatoes are doing okay, although water fluctuation is not so great, but my bigger tomatoes are just not producing for me. And what does produce gets picked up by deer.  And to top it off the plants themselves are starting to look brown and sad. 

Tomorrow I'm planning a big trip to the garden. I need to fertilize, prune, and do some major weeding. 

What's happening in your garden? 

Jul 14, 2016

The Den

Yesterday Mom came over and we hung up these wood molds over the couch. 

We loved the hunt prints in the den, but there was a bunch of room that needed to be take up on either side. We originally thought of some plates that my mom had in storage that Bryan had said he liked. (How sweet was she to remember this?) but when we got them out we hated them (mom and I, Bryan still liked it). So we were back to the drawing board.  

Mom had these wood molds at her house. She had them hung and displayed in her bathroom before she re-did it. And they are perfect here. They add texture and dimension to the room.

So what are they? Iron molds. My great-grandfather had an iron foundry in Americus, GA. Charlie's middle name comes from him, so it's especially sweet to have something from him in our home. 

I really should have fluffed the sofa before taking a picture. Oh well. 

I adore the lamps that I found on Everything But The House. They need to be adjusted as the shades go whoppy, but they work for now. 

Jul 6, 2016

4th of July Weekend

Whoohoo! 3 Day weekends are the best! Even when you stay at home, long weekends are still a nice treat.

We spent lots of time outdoors, mostly in the pool. 

Uncle Bunny, Trey, came over on Saturday afternoon to swim and eat dinner with us. 

On Sunday Bryan's parents and some friends came over.  

Notice in the photo above how Roux is standing at the edge of the pool? Yeah, she's obnoxious around the pool. Barking almost constantly and super anxious. Ugh! If anyone knows how to curb this behavior please let me know!!!

We all went to the garden to work for about 30 minutes or so. I love it when the whole family goes. 

We took Charlie afterwards to the park at Shelby Farms. Though we had passed it a couple of times this was our first time exploring the actual playground. Charlie mostly just loves to run around right now. We'll be back soon though. 

We did more swimming Monday morning and afternoon before the storms rolled in. It was a great long weekend! 

Garden update

We kicked off this fourth with a visit to the garden plot. We did a little weeding, harvested two cherry tomatoes, and watered. 

The okra is blooming and I noticed a couple nearly ready to be picked! 

The other day I planted a couple of pepper and cucumber seeds. Just to see what would happen. I know it's late in the season. 

So that's what happening in our garden. I continue to have major garden envy of some of the plots, but I'm not feeling so bad now that the big weeds are taken care of. 

Jun 20, 2016

Pools Open!

When we bought this house the pool had been left for weeks and was disgusting. (See above.) 

We spent weeks and tons of money and chemicals trying to get it just so. 

Finally last week I went to the pool store and asked for help. I added a bunch of shock and white lightning and this is what I woke up to the next morning: 

Blue, but cloudy. The white cloudy-ness turned out to be dead algae. 

Dead algae is good algae in our book. 

After flocking it and vacuuming, we were able to swim in mostly clear blue water! 

So far it's still new to us and my eyes are adjusting to a big blue body of water outside my window. 

We had two pool parties on Sunday and it was a bunch of fun. 

There is still much to learn about taking care of a pool, but for now I'm just happy we can finally swim! 

Garden update

I'm writing this post on my phone at the garden! It's a short one. 

After my last visit to the garden I purchased a weed eater at Lowe's. Today I brought it and cleared the paths and around the remaining plants. 

I have 3 tomatoes remaining. All are producing!!

These are my two paprika peppers. 

This years garden is definitely disappointing but after so much change the last few weeks it's to be expected. 

Here's hoping for a few garden tomatoes this year.