Oct 23, 2013

Office Organization: Part I

Yesterday I mentioned that we are starting to work on our office/guest room situation. Here's what we're working with: 

Yeah, it's not good. This isn't even the worst it's been. It's actually in decent shape! 

So for today's post I spent about 30 minutes clearing off the top of the filing cabinet (the picture above was actually taken after that portion), straightening up the organizer on top of the desk and going through four out of seven drawers. Three drawers are Bryan's and he wasn't at home during this organizational frenzy. I didn't want to go through his things without him. 

I also spent some time on the side table where we keep paper. 

I don't have an after picture for you because it doesn't even look that much better. But I know it's a little better. Hopefully this weekend Bryan and I can spend some time together really going through this room. Since it's primarily his space I feel like he needs to be involved. 

I hope to make this room function and look better eventually. We've talked about the possibility of not having the bed in here to give Bryan more space. I'd still like to have some sort of guest bedding option, probably a sleeper sofa, but until we can find a decent looking and affordable one, the bed stays. 

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