Oct 25, 2013

Office Organization: Part III

This morning I spent about twenty minutes going through one last problem area of our office: the corner by the printer and filing cabinet.

Bryan didn't really want to help this morning so I just asked him about every single item until I had cleared out the space. We have a problem with boxes in this room. Bryan reps for three different lines and we are always receiving boxes each week from one vendor or another of samples, giveaways, catalogs, or any other number of things. I cleared out five boxes from this one little area! 

We made a pile of items to take to our storage unit, added some things to our donate pile, and put like things together. Of the items that needed to stay in the office (spare hangers, electronic samples, and giveaways) we stacked in a logical manner against the wall.

It may not look like much but this is a huge improvement. Ignore the big lumps on the bed. Those are his current samples that need to be hung back up. He had an event last night and his rolling rack is currently out in the car.  I love how open the room feels right now! 

I still need to work on the other three filling drawers, but hey, at least that's shut away! 

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