Oct 24, 2009

Mystery Solved

The Case of the Mystery Suitcase Placement has been solved.

When I arrived home from work on Thursday evening all cars were away. It wasn't until I saw the suitcase without the car sitting next to it, that I realized, maybe they were just trying to get rid of the suitcase and just had it placed in such a way that it looked like they might want to pack it into the trunk of their own car.

Friday morning, our trash day, they had the suitcase positioned differently right next to a stroller they had left in the yard for 3 days, making it more obvious of their giveaway intentions.

I don't know if anyone ever claimed it or the trash man took it. Either way, no more suitcase.

Oct 22, 2009

Mystery Bag

A few days ago I noticed a hard suitcase outside our neighbors house. On the curb next to their car parked on the street to be precise. Bryan and I thought it was odd, but didn't have time to move it or let them know. The next day, it was still out there. BUT, I saw our neighbor our strolling her son. So I know she had to see it, if not move it out of her way. Four days later its still out there, now in the rain.

Other peculiar behavior is that they seem to have not gone anywhere during this time. The cars haven't moved, which means no one has been going to work or school or day care. And they left a stroller out in the yard, which is unusual for them.

What does all this mean?

Oct 18, 2009


Fall is definately here. Bryan turned on the heat the other day. I had forgotten how much I love our radiant heat. Toasty.

Several of our neighbors have decorated for Halloween/Fall, and Bryan was itching to join them. I was too, honestly, but in a classy way. Ooops, I hope my neighbors don't read this blog and become offended.

I'm not really into Halloween, but fall, I love.

For the outside I have a couple of slightly dying mums from when we hosted an engagement party a few weeks ago. I added two pumpkins, one white and one orange.

At a holiday shopping event a few weeks ago I purchased a few iron pieces that turn a pumpkin or gourd into an adorable turkey. I had Bryan stab the innocent little pumpkin to turn it into the most adorable thing I'd seen all week.

Adorable, right?

Inside, I decided to decorate the dinning room mantle. I had purchased one small white pumpkin on our Ohio trip and Mom had given me one of the Tiger Pumpkins. I bought several different ones at the farmers market on Saturday and got the gourd from the pumpkin stand we got the outside pumpkins.

Finally, its virtually impossible for me to go to the downtown farmer's market without getting a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Happy fall, ya'll!