Dec 21, 2009

Holiday Time

Its Christmas time. Its my favorite time of year. Christmas songs, the smell of pine, christmas trees, and beloved ornaments being unwrapped from their worn tissue paper wrapping. Presents and food. Its all wonderful.

I've heard people talk about how busy they are at this time of year and it never really seemed the case for me. Until this year.

I skipped a free nice meal last night to stay at home and make my own dinner. To snuggle in my pjs on the couch with my man and watch a favorite Christmas movie. And while I love the different gatherings and events, its hard to really enjoy the time without getting stressed and think about preparing for the next event or the next thing to cross of the to-do list.

So, today, I'm asking, how do you cope? How do you savor this time of year without being stressed?

Dec 19, 2009

Christmas came early

I have the best husband in the whole wide world. I'll be spending the day making cookies and thinking about things I can do with it.

Dec 1, 2009

Things to be Happy About:

I've been struggling with a few things lately, so today I'd like to focus on a few things that make me happy:

- Christmas decorations
- delicious soup
- $5 subscriptions to House Beautiful and Real Simple from Amazon
- This little bugger:

- And this one:

- Plans for my birthday, including a very nice restaurant and Starry Nights.

- Bosco's beer