Oct 3, 2013

Closet Organization: The Drawers

Day 3! I'm on a roll! Today we continue the closet clean out by tackling the hidden storage: drawers.

I have a dresser in our bedroom where I store my unmentionables, pajamas, my everyday jewelry, and other items. But in this room I have a vanity and desk. A little background on both pieces:

The desk was left in this room (along with the rug) when we bought the house. Free stuff! Score! I didn't have a big need for the desk, but since it wasn't really in the way we kept it. It used to be where the vanity is now. It seems a little odd to put it in front of the window and I've toyed with the idea of getting rid of it, but I can't make a decision so it's staying for now.

The vanity is part of a furniture suite that I inherited when I was in 6th grade. The bed lives in the guest bedroom/office and the dresser is what I currently use in our bedroom. The vanity used to live in the guest room with the bed but when my husband took a job where he works from home we had to convert the guest room to his office and this was booted to my closet to make room for his hanging racks.

It's kind of nice having the vanity in here because it makes it a real dressing room. I sit at it each morning to put on my makeup and us the long mirror to make sure I don't look like an schlob before leaving the house.

I used to use the two middle drawers for my active jewelry storage when I lived with my parents. But somewhere along the way I moved my most often used pieces to my bedroom and these two drawers kind of got neglected.

Today I spent about 45 minutes total working on the hidden stuff. Here's a little of what I did:
-Opened all the drawers (one at a time) and pulled everything out. Anything I don't use got either thrown away or put in the Goodwill pile or moved to a more logical place (example: office supplies to the guest room/office, etc)
- Emptied the ruined Nalgene that contained 10 years worth of extra buttons and change. Put buttons in a vase (for now, looked for a cute glass jar) and consolidated change with husband's change jar.
- Went through old jewelry, dusted drawers (how do drawers get dusty?!) and consolidated into one drawer.
- Moved fabric and sewing supplies to an empty drawer
- Decided that I'm never going to need the guest toiletries bin and moved those to the bathroom. Was able to re purpose the woven bin for thread and small sewing supplies.

Here's the space now:

(Forgive the harsh nighttime lighting)

I now have 3 empty drawers! One of the narrow drawers in the vanity is open and I'm debating on whether to move the active jewelry to this or move the make up in there so it's hidden. I can't decide. Please voice your opinions on the comments.

Bonus of today's clean up: I found a necklace I never knew I had! For years I've wanted a Rachel necklace like Carrie Bradshaw, but wasn't willing to pay for one. Turns out I've had one all along! I promptly put it on and texted a picture to my best friend showing off my find. Yay!

You might also notice I removed the old mirror that was behind the vanity and moved the lights to over the window. I'm not sure they will stay there, but they don't bother me for now. I'm going to be changing up the wall around the vanity soon.

Also, my cleaning/straightening inspired my husband to work on his spaces. I came home from work to find the office significantly cleaned up and I can now see the top of his dresser! It's great to see my work become contagious into his spaces without me even having to say anything!

Join me tomorrow for more closet shenanigans.

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