Oct 12, 2013

Impromptu Organization

Sometimes an impromptu organization project just happens. Like yesterday afternoon. I should back up...

I love shopping estate sales and auctions. You can find some really cool stuff. A few years ago a local florist and gift shop closed and they had an auction to get rid of many of the remaining products and old equipment. One of the items I bid on and won was a box full of tissue paper and ribbon. I wasn't able to go to the inspection so I only saw a picture online when I bid. When I arrived to pick up my winnings I was surprised to find a really large box with more ribbon than I could possibly use.

That box has made several trips to/from the attic and has been residing in our guest room/office for the last 9 months. The other day Bryan mentioned something about doing something else with it and I had been pondering how to store all that ribbon every since. I want to be able to see the ribbon and easily identify what's available and what its appropriate for my need. Sitting in the box, I hadn't even attempted to go through it all the way. It just wasn't possible.

So yesterday afternoon I had some time and energy on my hands and decided to start digging. I took everything out of the box and created piles based on the colors: golds, silvers, whites, black, reds, and colors.

I decided the easiest and most low cost way to organize them for now would be on wire hangers. So I got out my needle nose pliers and started untwisting.

I put them on the hangers also by colors.  When this project is completed they will be stored in the guest bedroom closet.

I still have more ribbon than I can possibly use, but at least now that I can see what I have I will be able to use it. I'm also brainstorming ways that I can either sell or giveaway what I don't need.

Anyone need 3 rolls of black curling ribbon?

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