Nov 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

It was another double meal Thanksgiving for us this year. We had lunch at my parents house with Gram, Gramp and Sharon. I got off pretty easily and just had to makes pies. I got all ambitious and made two types of whipped cream. With bourbon and without.

We then managed to get ourselves in the car to go to the next meal. Bryan's family had asked that we bring Roux so we went home to get the girl.

We had a nice meal at Bevin and Jamie's house with the Baddorfs, the Nyharts, and uncle Kirk. We surrounded the fire outside after the meal.

Friday we did some shopping, had lunch with my family at Penn's and had Bryan's family over for dinner.

Saturday we painted in the morning. We got some serious progress made. So close to being totally done in the bathroom.

We went with the Baddorfs to Bosco's to get our new mugs. After naps we went to Chris Calkins wedding. They served plates of bacon at the bar!

Sunday we didn't go to church but did bring a few Christmasy things down from the attic. It's beginning to look a little like Christmas.

Nov 22, 2012


It's no secret that it's been a pretty crummy year for the Baddorfs. I won't get into it and today I'm trying to get over my self-centered pity party I've been in the last week and just be grateful for what I have.

This year I'm struck by how many cool people we've met and built relationships with. I am thankful for the people in our lives. From the chefs and bloggers we've met, our neighbors we've gotten to know, and the co-workers from Skyline that have become more like family than anything else. I am thankful for our families who always surround us with love and support. And for Roux, for being the cuddle bunny that I needed.

I am thankful for Bryan, who has been so kind and my rock through this crazy year. I know I try on his nerves and I'm sorry for it.

I am thankful for this house and this amazing place that we live. For Memphis and Tucker Jefferson neighborhood.

I am thankful that, for the most part, we get to do what we want. Run, loll about, re-do a bathroom, create a garden, eat yummy food, etc.

Most of all I am thankful that this life is only temporary and that we have a greater future ahead of us.

Nov 18, 2012

Saturday in the Park

Definitely not the 4th of July. Oh well.

On Saturday we took Roux to Overton. We had talked about meeting some friends and their dogs there, but they were not available. We took her to Overton Bark first. This is even our first time to the dog park and I was extremely nervous about it. I don't know why, I just was. I'm a protective and worrisome Mommy apparently.

Roux loves open spaces, but she was a bit nervous too when we first walked in. She circled back and cowered under our legs for a split second. Then she realized there were people there too. She had to meet all the people first. Then she started sniffing around the fence line. After about 10-15 minutes she warmed up and started running around with a few of the other dogs before finding the smallest dog there and playing with it.

After some good play time we decided to talk a walk on the trails. We had taken Bosco for a walk on these same trails the day after Thanksgiving. It's a beautiful time on the trails because of all the many different colors of leaves and the way the naked trees let the light shine in.

Nov 13, 2012

Thankful, a story, and spoilage

So yesterday my thing to be thankful for was the convince of air travel, but turns out that screwed us over. I am thankful that Bryan is finally home.

So as I was going to pick up Bobo from the airport at 2 something this morning I got pulled over. Turns out getting pulled over in south Memphisin the middle of the night is much different than during the day.

Tonight we were invited to dinner at Felicia Suzanne's. we knew it would be a great meal, but had no idea we would be sitting in the kitchen. This has to be one of those once in a lifetime things.

I'll leave you with the photos of the days for yesterday and today.

Nov 12, 2012

Sunday recap

A day behind again. Oh well.

Yesterday I was thankful for Sundays. I had a lazy yet also productive day, which are my favorites.

There was one particular cabinet that had gotten out of control. I spent some time wrangling with it and got it in more order. Pics to come later after I've surprised Bryan.

I also went to the Victorian Village to see my mom's choir sing. We toured the Lee and the Mallory houses.

There was also plenty of time for snuggles.

Nov 11, 2012

Thankful weekend

I forgot to post the last few days. So here goes thanks and partial weekend update.

Friday: thankful for comfort food and beer.
We were to Central BBQ and finally tried the nachos with their house made potato chips. I'm a very lucky girl to live in a city were we take the most unhealthy food, make it more unhealthy yet more delicious and then find ways to make it more unhealthy. Gotta love it.

Saturday: thankful for our Roux.
Part of the reason we wanted a dog at this particular time was to keep me company as Bryan travels. We dropped Bryan off early Saturday morning and were pretty busy bees all day. She's turned out to be one of the best dogs ever. She hasn't gotten into anything or destroyed anything. Is house trained and doesn't beg. Loves to cuddle.

Saturday I spent a lazy hour reading my new Young House Love book while finishing coffee and waiting for the paint store to open. We painted for several hours and made some good progress in the bathroom. Had lunch with my parents and went to Memfix at Crosstown. I shopped at Midtown Nursery and Palladio's holiday open house. Amazingly after a 5:30 wake up call I still had energy and did some cleaning. Roux and I cuddled while watching tv til we couldn't keep our eyes open any more.

Nov 8, 2012

Thankful for friends

I am so thankful for some wonderful, supportive friends. I hate that I don't get to see them everyday, but sometimes just quick chats can mean a whole world of difference.

I'm thankful for their insight, connections, seeing a different perspective, and making me laugh. Even putting me in line and telling me I'm being ridiculous when I need it.

I know it's cheesy but friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Nov 7, 2012

Thankful for Lunitects

Tonight we toured the new Le Bonheur building focusing mostly on the art. I love being exposed to such neat things in our awesome city.

My favorite works were pieces if art made with portions of crayon. I loved how the artist used the depth of the crayon to add dimension to the pieces.

Nov 6, 2012

Thankful for dogs

Today I am thankful for the Humane Society of Memphis and a Shelby Farms park ranger for saving this little girl.

Still deciding on a name, but it seems like she's going to fit in just fine.

Nov 5, 2012

Thankful for the Grizzlies

It may be a little silly, but today I'm thankful for the Grizzlies and the positive change they bring to Memphis.

Nov 4, 2012


Today I am thankful for our animals Tigger, Mötley, and Dribble. I live taking care of them, giving them a safe home, and the snuggles.


The last several weeks I've been feeling the pangs of wanting a dog. We miss Bosco still on a daily basis and no dog will ever replace her. Ever. She was my baby (from another mother) and nothing can replace or take that away. Any new animal brought into this family will be Bosco's (as well as Motley and Tigger's) new brother or sister. We're a family like that.

Knowing Bryan wasn't ready yet I didn't want to push him. Instead I'd drop little hints like "I WANT A DOG!" anytime we saw a dog or he mentioned interacting with one.

We spent a lot of time thinking and talking about what we wanted in a new little one. My only criteria is that it liked me and wanted to cuddle. Bryan had a few more specific criteria. Medium build, not a puppy but no older than 3 years, already neutered and up to date on all shots.

We decided to go to the Humane Society for this adoption. We both liked the idea of rescuing a dog from a shelter rather than going on Craigslist looking at dogs who already had homes. We looked at a ton of dogs they had posted on their website. I had a hard time with this because you don't really know a dog's personality until you see them. But looking at dog pictures is fun. Some of them were so adorable. There was even one who's skills listed "rocking a bowtie". I mean come on! Adorable.

We also looked at local rescue pages (Good Dog and Streetdog). I also liked the idea of going to one of these as these dogs are usually fostered and the foster parents would have a better idea of the personalities in a house situation.

So on Saturday we took a break from painting and went to Hollywood Feed as they were having adoptions. There were about 5 dogs there and only one was not a small dog. We had seen this dog online the night before. She was timid and didn't want to have anything to do with us. We both felt like she was nervous in the situation, but still. Torn, we decided to head out to the Humane Society.

I had never been to a shelter before and was extremely nervous about it. I knew I would want to take home all the dogs. I was worried I would be heart broken over the living conditions or their emotional or physical states.

It wasn't quite as bad as what I was thinking. The new building is beautiful and they do a great job of keeping it clean inside. There wasn't even any weird smells which was impressive.

We walked up and down every row, some twice and picked out our top two. We talked with one of the "counselors" (their designation, not mine) and he volunteered to bring them outside individual for us to play with.

The first one was our first favorite. She had been so sweet inside in her cage and just wanted to be petted. She had even given me a kiss. Outside she ran around for a few minutes, which we totally understood. Bryan tried to play ball and got a few throws in with her. But ultimately she didn't really want to have anything to do with us.

The second one was a hound mix. We didn't recall seeing her on the website, but inside she was laid back and came up to us from her cage and was sweet. Alright, so my basis of sweet is that it didn't bark at me. High standards, I know. She ran for a second and then went to the bathroom. Being a hound she sniffed all the poop in the gated area we were in. Then she came up to me, leaned against my legs and wanted to be petted. Bryan threw the ball for her which she chased, but didn't want to pick up because it was covered in mud. Several times she came up to me, leaned against me again and accepted love. I even got a kiss on the face! She was nice to Bryan as well, but seemed to prefer me.

Back inside we decided to pursue her adoption. We asked the counselor more information like how she came to be in the shelter, etc. He went to check her file as their computer system doesn't store all that kind of info, meanwhile we filled out the 3 page application.

Streak, as they are calling her, was found in Shelby Farms by a park ranger in September. He saw her owners dumping her from their car and then driving off. He immediately got her and brought her to the shelter. Their normal policy is to call the ranger the next day for the ranger to come get the dog (don't know why). But Streak was so sweet they decided they'd keep her and find her a good home. This is apparently an extremely rare case. Most dogs at the Humane Society were either hit by cars or have other issues.

We filled out the 3 page application, which gave me flashbacks to the House of Mews incident. They have a 24 hour waiting period policy but because we have other animals they also want to call the vet to make sure the animals are up to date on all their shots and what not.

On Tuesday we should hear if we are approved to bring home our newest member.

Nov 3, 2012

Thankful day 3

I'm thankful for a husband who helps and isn't scared by my whims or frustrations.

Today we spent several hours prepping and painting the bathroom. I love that he's willing to help even if its one of his least favorite things and he got a tough part to paint.

Nov 2, 2012

Life without a bathroom

So we went 9 days without a working shower in the house. Yeah, it was not fun. My hygene was questionable at best. You start to really question your whole routine when you have to use the kitchen sink.

We were really fortunate in that we got to still use the toilet through the whole bathroom remodel. Really fortunate. I can't even imagine what we would have had to do without it.

My first attempt at showering without the shower was interesting. I figured we could just go to Rhodes and shower at the gym. I sort of forgot what college showers were like. Although I swear the shower stalls in the Rhodes girl's locker room was smaller than the showers at MC. Seriously. I've never seen a shower so narrow and without a shelf or anything to put your shower supplies!

After about 5 minutes of hoping and praying there was hot water I decided to give up and just take a cold shower. About 1 minute into the cold shower where I had decided to just rinse off basically the water decided to get scalding hot. Fun! I fiddled with the knob some and got it to a more tolerable temperature. Then I decided since it was tolerable I should just really commit already and wash my hair. I really shouldn't have done that as the water was really just 5 streams of trickling water.

It was one of the top 5 worst showers of my life.

I showered several times at my parents house which was worth the drive, but sort of a night killer.

There were other attempts at keeping clean, but its not worth mentioning. The highlight was getting a haircut and using that as an excuse to not shower for several days in a row.

Alas, we have a beautiful and functioning shower now so any questionable cleanliness is a direct result of pure laziness.

So this November 2nd I am thankful for running water and bathrooms. They are a glorious, wonderful thing.

Nov 1, 2012

30 Thankful Days

Day 1: Changing season, both outside and in life.

I mentioned yesterday that I thought we were turning a corner and this thanks goes right along with it. I'm excited to see what the new season will bring for our little family.