Rachel's Life List

My bucket list if you will. It is a slow work in progress. I don't want to add things just to have a long list. Here's what I've got so far:

Have a mint julep at Churchill Downs
Transatlantic Cruise on the QM2
See the Red Sox play the Yankees at Fenway
Go to a legit crawfish boil in south Louisiana
Have barbqued shrimp at Pascale Manale's
Have lunch and stay for dinner at Galitore's in New Orleans
Take Bryan to mardi gras
Own a lake house
See a show on Broadway
Vacation on the Rivera like in To Catch a Thief
see all of Cary Grant's movies
Beer tour of Germany
visit Italy
" France
" Spain
" Greece
digitize photos and make photo books of my life
quit my day job
Visit 50 breweries
go on a girl's trip
Own an Oscar de la Renta dress
win an award
sleep in a treehouse
Go back to camp or recreate the camp feeling again
Send snail mail to my friends on a regular basis
Night swimming
Dance under the full moon (to songs like Moondance and Moon River) and eat a Moon pie
experience prom
Drive a zamboni
be involved in a police chase in some form or fashion, preferably with me driving at high speeds with lots of blue lights, but no arrests
go deep sea fishing
drive through daquari!
Fix up a house.

For more goals, see my 30 before 30 list.