31 Days to an Organized Home

In 2013 I participated in the 31 Day Challenge. To prepare myself for the upcoming holiday season I focused on Home Organization. Catch up on what I did....

Day1: Closet Overview... or how I get dressed in the morning... or in which I show you my un-staged messy closet
Day 2: Out in the Open ... or in which I spent about 15 minutes straightening up
Day 3: Hidden Storage ... or in which I open all the drawers... or in which I ponder how drawers become dusty ... or in which I find jewelry I never knew I owned but had been pining for for years.
Day 4: Changing of the Seasons
Day 5: Knowing what to keep or what to toss
Day 6: The Laundry room the highest functioning room in the house
Day 7: Laundry Room: Out in the Open
Day 8: The Organized Pet Owner
Day 9: Laundry Room cabinet and fall mantel!
Day 10: Laundry Room upper cabinets
Day 11: The Instruction Book Book
Day 12: Impromptu Organization - Ribbon storage
Day 13: Kitchen Organization - Gotta Start Somewhere... or in which my kitchen is a disaster
Day 14: Kitchen Organization - Spice storage
Day 15: Kitchen Organization - The Freezer
Day 16: Kitchen Organization - The Fridge
Day 17: Kitchen Organization - Under the Sink
Day 18: Kitchen Organization - The Pantry
Day 19: Kitchen Organization - Meal Planning and Recipe Wrangling
Day 21: Cookbook Organization
Day 22: Paperwork Organization
Day 23: Office Organization Part I
Day 24: Office Organization Part II
Day 25: Office Organization Part III
Day 26: Bar Organization
Day 27: Bookcase Organization
Day 28: Hostess Organization
Day 29: Linen Closet er Trunk Organization
Day 30: Mail Organization
Day 31: Wrap up

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