Sep 17, 2015

Beach Trip 2015

The week before Labor Day we went to the beach. As a family of 3! Going into this trip I had no idea what to expect. Would we enjoy it at all with a 7 month old around? A friend had told us while we were pregnant that taking a baby to the beach is miserable. We didn't listen, obviously, and scheduled our trip to overlap with my parents and brother. Our thoughts were that if it was terrible at least we'd have a few days with extra hands around to help out. 

We left on a Wednesday, planning to break up the trip. We wanted to get as far as Atlanta if possible. 

We broke up the trip more than we would have without the baby. You don't normally stop for tummy time as adults.  We did make it quite far and stopped for the night in Statesboro, GA. 

The next morning we only had 2.5 hours to go! We made it in time for lunch. 

We put Charlie down for a nap after lunch and Bryan and I headed for the beach. Mom brought Charlie out for the first time. 


Charlie had been struggling with some diaper rash for a few days at this point so we thought it was the perfect time to air it out. 

That night, Thursday, Mom sent Bryan, Trey and I out to dinner. We ate at Brett's which always has the best view. 

My aunt Julie and cousin James came and spent Friday evening and most of Saturday with us. 

The tents were crowded. 

One morning it was rainy so we made games with Charlie's toys. Dad won. His winnings were the fruit from our sangria pitcher. 

How cute is this kid?

The best family picture we got this trip. 

We set Charlie up in this inflatable boat. It was perfect for him. He'd sit and play with toys (or empty water bottles). When he got fidgity we'd fill it with water so he could splash around. No sand in the eyes for this little one! 

My parents left on Monday and so we had four days to ourselves. 

Charlie's favorite part of the trip was spending time in the pool. He loved it. 

Overall I think this baby had a pretty fantastic trip to the beach. 

We spent nearly two days getting home. Traveling with small child forces many stops. But we embraced it on the way back and enjoyed seeing more of the small cities we always pass through. 

We stopped for a diaper change in front of the house where my grandfather grew up. 

Friday night we stayed at the Crash Pad in Chattanooga, TN. Bryan had won a free night's stay at a race a few months back, so we cashed in. 

On Saturday we stopped at the Unclaimed Baggage place in Scottsboro, AL, and for ice cream in Florence, AL. We also had a fantastic lunch at Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur. 

I'm a little sad our vacation is behind us, but we had a great time and I am so thankful that we were able to get away. 

Sep 14, 2015

Garden Update Monday

Good morning. It's been a few weeks since an update. We were out of town for 10 days just before Labor Day. It was great to get away and gave me the push I needed once back to get the garden cleaned up and ready for fall. 

The photos above were post vacation, pre clean up. I spent several hours over the last few mornings working the garden. I cleaned out a couple of beds and did a bunch of weeding. I also planted spinach, beets and carrot seeds for fall. I didn't purchase anything new this year. Just used up what I had from last year. 

Here we are this morning. My hard work is probably not even noticeable at these angles, but oh well. I love having photos from the same spot so I can see the gardens transition. 

In other news the asparagus is looking great.