Oct 9, 2013

Laundry Room Organization: The most used items

In our laundry room we have four cabinets, but only one is used on a daily basis. Well, another one is, but this one is used by the both of us on a daily basis.

It contains pet supplies, laundry and cleaning supplies, and small kitchen appliances. Here's how it started out:

Yeah, not the worst ever, but also not great.

Yesterday I went through the top shelf where I keep the pet bins and another bin full of light bulbs and extension cords.

But I cleared everything else out and wiped down the shelves.

It might look like more of a mess for a little while, but it's best, in this case, to pull everything out and start from scratch.

I started putting things back in, methodically. I put the least used kitchen gadgets on the bottom shelf in the way back. Cleaning and laundry supplies went back on the same shelf, but with more order. I pulled out surplus supplies out of their boxes so I could actually see what I have.

On the second from the bottom shelf I put my most used appliances and tools. I left a blank spot for our coffee roaster which is out right now and needs to be cleaned before putting it away.

I had some decorative pots and vases outside driving my husband nuts. I had been hoping to fit them into this cabinet, so I left some space for them on the bottom shelf. I cleaned them up and put them away.

One of my favorite things about projects like this is how it spreads to other areas. I was able to clear off the bar cart/grilling station outside of the pots. As I was cleaning them I was inspired to use one of them with some fall decor.

So now I have a straightened up cabinet AND seasonally decorated mantel. Can't beat that!

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