Oct 13, 2013

Kitchen Organization: Gotta Start Somewhere

Good morning! Welcome to my kitchen!

This week we are focusing our energy on the kitchen. I didn't have a post pre-written and scheduled this morning, so it was kind of perfect when I woke up and stumbled in to start making the coffee and it looked like this.

Yup, can definitely use some help. In my defense, it does not normally look this bad. Last night we had the in-laws over for dinner and after dinner I totally just zonked out so there was no clean up action.

So here's what's going on:
-dirty dishes in and around sink, on the counter top, on the stove top
- recycling bin overflowing
- drying herbs over the window have fallen and need to be put back up
- crackers left on the counter
- pets scurrying around my feet (unpictured) begging to be fed

Today I'm taking a few minutes to clean up, put up, and do some light tidying. Tomorrow we shall start tackling the big stuff!

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