Jan 29, 2009

Decisions and updates

So yesterday I was faced with a difficult decision: should I do two weeks worth of laundry so I wouldn't have to wear my non-favorite underwear? Or go to community group and fellowship with fellow Christians and pray for a girl I had not met? While we haven't been to community group in a while and I do believe in the power of prayer, especially when two or more people are praying together, laundry won out. My mom told me a I was such a good Christian girl. Then I felt evil.

Dryer status: finally purchased one last night and now we must wait only 10 days. Great.

Things that annoy me: When I spend an hour shopping online, carefully selecting items in styles and colors and sizes and that fit within my budget, and then when I go to review my shopping cart find out that those items are no longer available. WTF? If I put it in my shopping bag it should be mine. Like in the store. If I have the last one, it is mine until checkout. If I choose not to purchase it, it will then be up for grabs again. Jeez....

Jan 25, 2009


Boy George and I carry the same purse.

Saturday's Goals

Yesterday I had several things that I wanted to accomplish.

1. Get a new dryer or solve non-working dryer situation.
2. Get my old bed and linens from my parents house and set it up in the guest bedroom.
3. Get a couple things at the grocery store.
4. Bevin's birthday party.

We accomplished only half of the list...

1. We went to a couple of places. We finally decided on what we wanted and decided to purchase it. Only to find out it would be 2 weeks before we could get it. Hmmm... We were sorta hoping we could get it with in the next day or so. So we asked about the model a step above, the Turbo, and a step below. The step below would be available about a week sooner. The Turbo is available for immediate installation. It what I wanted anyways... too bad its about $200 more than the one we were going to buy. At this point both our brains turned to mush and we spent the next 30 minutes sitting in the outdoor furniture just sitting.

2. We got my brother to agree to help us move it. All we needed was the Baddasses' parents van to transport the goods. Unfortunately we were unable to contact his father, so we couldn't get number 2 done.

So we got some coffee, visited the other Breakaway location, and went to Kroger for the grocery items needed, plus some. Then we went to several thrift and antique stores until the Baddass could take it no longer. My poor baby got up at 5 am and ran 18 miles and he was pooped. He took a nap while I watched This Old House.

We also accomplished #4, going to Bryan's brother's birthday party. A biker theme. I have nothing in my closet or any desire for anything biker-ish, so I didn't participate in dressing up. The Baddass was his Baddass self and dressed in spandex, a helmet, gloves, and sport sunglasses. He's such a stud.

Jan 22, 2009

Owning vs. Renting

I was reminded the other day of why we considered renting in the first place... it came in the sound of the gentle hum of my newly mortgaged dryer not drying. Lovely. However, I will say radiator warmed jeans are just as good if not better than warm-out-of-the-dryer jeans on a cold morning.

Jan 19, 2009

Mojito Monday

In light of my latest liquor intolerance, I have switched from margarita Mondays to mojito Mondays. I don't mind rum, but don't put vodka or tequila near me, please. Tonight we will be impromptu entertaining (impromptu in that  we didn't plan it until after I left the house for the day): Mojitos and king cake!

As for a food update I bought Casserole Crazy, a super book filled with yummy casseroles. I have tried two and both were delicious. While it wasn't stepping out of my comfort zone, it has been a big step to be cooking more at home. There was about three weeks with Christmas and the move that we weren't eating at home. Tonight's dinner will be something new. I would tell you about it, but I can pronounce anything and my recipe is at home. So sorry.

We attempted to hang a few things yesterday... unfortunately we learned the hard way that our walls are not normal walls and we will have to figure out some other way to hang. I was really hoping to get the hanging out of the way so that it will clear out my guest bedroom as well as make some of the rooms look more homey. I guess that'll have to wait.

Jan 15, 2009

So its been a bit. Mainly because we don't have internet at the new house... nope not even a free signal to bum off of. So I stop by my husband's place of employment to steal the wireless from the Smoothie King next door every once in a while.

The house is progressing. We got the guest bedroom and hallway painted this past weekend. I am contemplating painting the bathroom this weekend... but not sure if I feel like two painting weekends back to back. It can get intense. My next goal is to get pictures hung... right now there is nothing hanging except for a couple of things stuck on old nails left by the previous owner.

In other news we have adopted our second child... its a little box turtle. He's adorable... well as adorable as a pet turtle can be. A co-worker has generously donated an aquarium and rocks. He'll be moved into his new digs when I get home. A name has not been settled on yet, but I'm leaning toward Dribble.

Has anyone read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? Because everyone I tell hasn't heard of the book. It was only my favorite book when I was in elementary school. I wish I owned a copy.

Tigger, our first born, has decided that he likes us enough to cuddle with us at night. In our old apartment he wouldn't even go up to our room on the second story. If we picked him up and put him on the bed he'd jump off as soon as possible. We think the change in heart has to do with the fact that there isn't a ledge right next to the bed that looms over the downstairs. We like our little family snuggle times.

Jan 3, 2009

First Homeowner's Saturday

Today is our first Saturday as a homeowner. We have done homeowner-y things. Bryan got up early and went to Shelby Farms for a long run. I slept in some and then got up and read in the living room for a while. After our showers we got dressed and straightened up (i.e. moved any unpacked boxes to the guest room, our current catch all). Bryan's friend from high school and college came by on his way in town with his wife to see the place and then we had lunch. Talked about homeowner-y things because they are in the process of buying a house. Then we went to a local lighting store that is going out of business to browse for potential light fixtures for the house. (Didn't see anything that really jumped out at me.) My sister-in-law told me that West Elm opened an outlet next to the Pottery Barn outlet (one of my very favorite things about Memphis) so I was dying to go. We cruised through West Elm, Pottery Barn, and William Sonoma. I seriously considered getting a stainless steel Kitchen Aid mixer as it was 30% off... but decided to wait. Bryan has been wanting a fire pit for the new back yard patio, so we went to Target to purchase on we'd seen last week. We also got baskets for the bathroom shelves and I found a super cute Thakoon dress. I also purchased over-the-door hooks for our towels in the bathroom. We treated ourselves to Jerry's snow cones (yet another thing to love about Memphis) and came home to put the fire pit together. I had to do most of it because Bryan was on the phone. We are now at a local cafe because the new house does not have free internet. Tonight we're going to have some friends over for smores over the fire bowl.

Every year I feel like I should have a resolution... which of course will never come to fruition. But I still feel the urge... although now that I think about it, I don't think I had any for the last few years. I was watching a cooking show this morning while we were waiting for the friends to come by. And I thought about the year of crockpot cooking or the living Oprah website and how they committed to doing something everyday for a whole year. I don't think I have the passion to commit to something like that right now, especially if I don't have a precise goal. But I would like to try to cook something new that I normally wouldn't try at least once a week.

When it comes to cooking, I often refuse to try things if there are too many ingredients, too many steps, or require ingredients that I've never used before. I'd like to branch out and at least learn some new skills and dishes. So I will try to put aside my fear of complicated dishes or fancy ingredients and embrace my culinary potential. I'll let you know how it goes.

Jan 2, 2009

We're In!

We've signed our names about a 100 times and now we're officially homeowners.

When we told people we were buying a house many of them asked us if we were scared. I wasn't for a second. I was sad to leave my cool apartment, but never scared. I was slightly worried that we would move in and then I would think, what the heck have I done?! But instead, I wake up in this charming old house and am insanely happy. I'm happier than I thought I would be and I love the house more than before. Buyers remorse my ass!

Even though we haven't unpacked all the boxes and still have stuff at the apartment, we threw our first party for New Years which was a lot of fun.

I am so thankful for ability to purchase our first house and to be so happy with it.