Aug 23, 2010

Ebay Lessons

I consider myself an internet savvy person. Yet somehow I made my very first Ebay purchase last week. It was a vintage mailbox. It was perfect! Norman Rockwell-ish for Bry and asethically pleasing for me. However, I failed to take note of the dimensions.

Turns out its a penny bank. Yes, a PENNY bank. Oopsy. Oh well, it will look really cute added to our kitchen hanging collage.

NOTE TO SELF: Please take note of dimensions and other features before any online purchase.

Aug 22, 2010


Ever feel like you have a 100 different dreams for you life? I do. A few things I've been thinking about doing lately:

- become a tambourine player and join a band
- Open my senior project business: Get Organized
- Open a classy, fun women's underwear store in the neighborhood, name it something like Skivvies
- Open a build your own burrito/taco place in the neighborhood.
- Open Bryan's idea for a restaurant. Home.
- Quit my job and stay at home.
- Move to Europe
- Move to the beach
- Own a boat
- Operate a "burger barge"
- Cook more

Those are just a few. I don't consider this a bucket list, just my changing whims. But I'd like to really do at least a few of these.

Does anyone have any money they would like to invest?