About Us

Hi. I'm Rachel. This is my blog.

I've written here for over 10 years now. First it was more of a newlywed diaries as we adjusting to married life. Then it was a family snapshot of our happenings. I've written when I worked full time, while I worked and traveled with Bryan as his assistant, and now I'm a stay at home mom to our 1 year old boy.

Bryan is my husband. We've been married 10 years. He is a "running fool" working in the running industry for over 13 years now. Currently he's a sales rep for Mizuno USA.

Charlie was born January 31st, 2015. He's a hand full but the joy of our hearts.

We lived in Midtown Memphis for 8 years and as of May 2016 we moved out to the suburbs to Germantown, TN. We are adjusting, but thriving.

We felt like Charlie needed a sibling and in December of 2017 our Millie was born. Now we are a four-some. 

This blog is a snapshot of our lives and a creative outlet.

Poke around and say hi Or you can email me directly if you have any further questions or inquiries