Oct 31, 2012


Yesterday I felt like maybe we had finally turned a corner. The past 10 months have been pretty darn awful, but those awful things are starting to change.

Maybe its just the anticipation of the holiday season - we have been drinking a lot of pumpkin spice creamer lately. But the negatives in our life are changing and we're starting to see some positives. Our hearts are changing, for the better, as well.

I can't wait to see where we are in another three, four, ten months.

Oct 30, 2012

New Orleans October 2012

During my week of Sabbatical I accompanied Bryan down to New Orleans.

This time we stayed in the Garden District in a cute carriage house.

Thursday evening Bryan dropped me off at Armstrong Park for Jazz in the Park.

Friday we had lunch at Bacchanal and dreamed of opening something similar in Memphis.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the Quarter and got Bryan fitted for a hat.

Saturday Bryan went to Baton Rouge to work a packet pick up for the race that brought us down in the first place. I amused myself by having a fancy brunch at Cafe Adelaide and visiting the Southern Food Museum.

Saturday evening Bryan picked me up and after dinner in town we headed north towards New Roads, LA. Bryan was to help out at the triathalon in the morning and we thought it best to be close to it.

The motel we stayed in was definitely not five star, but the view Sunday morning was pretty awesome.

We ended the trip by driving the backroads along the Mississippi River towards Natchez and stopped for a delicious lunch. I insisted we make a pitstop at Fat Mama's for pickles and a margarita for the road!

Oct 29, 2012

Last Week Craziness

Sorry I've been MIA lately, this past week has been particularly crazy.

I started a new job. It's totally different and I'm still getting the hang of it.

On the same day I started a new job we started on a bathroom remodel. Okay, so we didn't, we hired people to. But we have to live without a bathroom for two weeks.

Living without a shower has proven interesting. I've showered at Rhodes in a locker room, at my parents house, and I'm not proud to admit this, but also in my kitchen as a whore's bath. Oh well, we do what we can. We could potentially be able to use the shower as early as Tuesday.

Additionally we have had neighborhood meetings, birthday festivities, painting parties, and general living.

I hope to have some bathroom updates to you soon. In the meantime I will schedule a New Orleans post for later this week.

Oct 10, 2012

Roughing It and Changes

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We recently went 5 whole days without internet at the house. It was rough. I decided early on to view it like camping. I was just roughing it. It actually wasn't too awful... but only because I knew it was coming back as soon as UPS delivered the new router.

Life has also been crazy due to a change in jobs. I was offered a job early on last week and have accepted it. I have two more days at Skyline MidSouth, which is beyond surreal to me.

It's a good thing, but it will be a busy few more days and I will miss my work family so much.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what God wants me to learn and take from the past two and a half years. One of the major blessings is the friendships I've found in several amazing women. I am so so so thankful for the four amazing women God put in my path. They are all totally different, but bring different perspectives to my life.

Growing up in a Christian family and in Christian communities (via church and school) I was not exposed to people much different from me and my family. Working has totally blown through those barriers and I'm thankful for that experience. Working with people from different backgrounds, religious, genders, races, etc has been eye opening and enlightening.

I didn't mean for this post to take this twist, but I will be thinking and probably post once more about the whole work experience in the next week or so.

For now, I'm thankful for the internet again and for the people I see everyday.