Feb 23, 2016

New Orleans February 2016

Last week all three of us went to New Orleans for a few days. It had been since last summer since I was able to go, and sweet Charlie has only gone once when he was two months old. Bryan was able to arrange his schedule so that we could have maximum amount of family time together.

We started the trip off with lunch in Jackson with some dear family friends. Is there anything better than reconnecting with true friends? You know, the friends that are more family than some of your actual family members?
After checking into the hotel our first stop was Cochon. It is Bryan and my absolute favorite restaurant anywhere, ever. The weather was so wonderful we sat outside. 

Thursday we stopped in to see an account and visit with a friend who used to work at an account. Then we had lunch at Shaya which was fantastic. Seriously. Yum

Also, it was cheap! We spent less than $50 and ate more than we could handle. 

We spent the afternoon in the Quarter walking around. Bryan had a group run that night so Charlie and I had dinner together at St. James Cheese. They just opened a new location in the Warehouse district! If only they would open in Memphis! 

Sleeping in a hotel room with Charlie was interesting. But we did enjoy our morning snuggles in bed together. 

Friday morning we had breakfast at Willa Jean. Yet another fantastic meal. 

We decided to venture out of the city and go to Oak Alley. It was about an hour's drive which wasn't too bad. 

This ended up being one of our favorite things about this trip. The ultimate: sitting on the grounds sipping mint juleps and watching Charlie crawl around and play. Bliss. 

Saturday morning we packed up the car. Bryan had an event that morning so Charlie and I walked to the Aquarium. I hadn't been since I was about 10. It was the perfect way for Charlie and I to spend a few hours. 

I'm really not sure how much Charlie enjoyed it as he mostly looked like above. But it was nice to allow him to get out of the stroller at a few places. Gotta love a museum with kids in mind!

We walked along the river front and back into the Quarter for our last meal.

French fries and oysters at Felix's.

Another great New Orleans trip in the books. While Charlie does cramp our style a little bit, he's such a great little trooper. He even sits well at the table for long periods of time. And he tries everything, except oysters. We haven't given those to him yet, not that he didn't ask. 

Feb 2, 2016

Charlie is 1!

This weekend Charlie hit a big milestone. He turned 1!

How did this happen? How did my sweet little baby turn into a toddler? I still don't understand.

Such a big boy!

On Saturday we threw a party! Milk and donuts!

Charlie got to eat a donut. To be fair, he's had pieces of some before now, but I gave him some big chunks and he seemed to enjoy it. He did think it was odd that everyone was watching him so intently though.

There was also a decorate your own (paper) donut station.

I hung up his monthly pictures. It was so fun to see how he progressed physically.

Bryan found these old hockey sticks and gave them to Charlie. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.

So here we are... with a one year old. We love you, Charlie. Bryan and I both have said, independently of each other, that he is truly a delight.