Oct 11, 2013

Household Organization: Instruction Book Book

You know all that paperwork that comes with ever new appliance, electronic gadget, and just about anything that isn't something simple like a book or a tomatoe? What do you do with those? For the life of me I can not throw them away.

When we moved into our house and we had more instructional books than we knew what to do with, I created a little binder to house them all. Here's how it works:

- Each item gets its own sheet protector
- Label each sheet protector
- File sheet protectors in binder alphabetically

Done! Now you have all your manual and warranty paperwork in one place and its easy to find should something go wrong or you have a question about the item.

This week I went through my binder and took out the ones that I no longer have and added the newer items. It took a whopping 5 minutes and that included the time it took me to pull out and fiddle with my label maker.

I keep my binder in one of the upper laundry room cabinets so that its easy to grab if I ever have a question about a small kitchen appliance, which happens to be what most of my manuals are.

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