Sep 30, 2013

31 Days to an Organized Home

For a few years now I've watched bloggers participate in the 31 Day Challenge. I'm always up for a good challenge, but haven't really had the time, energy, or conviction to participate myself.

The last month or so I've been thinking about my love for organizing and how I want to make that a bigger part of my life, both personally and professionally. So this year I decided to give the 31 Day Challenge a try with 31 Days to an Organized Home... mainly mine. Ha! Here's my reasoning (broken down into a list, naturally):

1) Practice writing and posting regularly
2) Get myself organized before the holidays (Christmas is just around the corner!)
3) Become more knowledgeable and expertly in the topic of home organization and organization in general
4) Personal growth!

Now that I've totally geeked out here's my plan of action.

There are five weeks in October (two being five days), I'm breaking those down into larger categories:
Week 1: Closet
Week 2: Laundry room
Week 3: Kitchen
Week 4: Living Areas
Week 5: Life

I'll link my posts back to this post over the month.

Wish me luck!

Day1: Closet Overview... or how I get dressed in the morning... or in which I show you my un-staged messy cloest
Day 2: Out in the Open ... or in which I spent about 15 minutes straightening up
Day 3: Hidden Storage ... or in which I open all the drawers... or in which I ponder how drawers become dusty ... or in which I find jewelry I never knew I owned but had been pining for for years.
Day 4: Changing of the Seasons
Day 5: Knowing what to keep or what to toss
Day 6: The Laundry room the highest functioning room in the house
Day 7: Laundry Room: Out in the Open
Day 8: The Organized Pet Owner
Day 9: Laundry Room cabinet and fall mantel!
Day 10: Laundry Room upper cabinets
Day 11: The Instruction Book Book
Day 12: Impromptu Organization - Ribbon storage
Day 13: Kitchen Organization - Gotta Start Somewhere... or in which my kitchen is a disaster
Day 14: Kitchen Organization - Spices
Day 15: Kitchen Organization - Freezer
Day 16: Kitchen Organization - Fridge
Day 17: Kitchen Organization - Under the Sink
Day 18: Kitchen Organization - The Pantry
Day 19: Kitchen Organization - Meal Planning and Recipe Wrangling
Day 21: Cookbook Organization
Day 22: Paperwork Organization
Day 23: Office Organization - Part I
Day 24: Office Organization - Part II
Day 25: Office Organization - Part III
Day 26: Bar Organization
Day 27: Bookcase Organization
Day 28: Hostess Organization
Day 29: Linen Closet er Trunk Organization
Day 30: Mail Organization
Day 31: Wrap up

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