Feb 28, 2017

February Life Lately

The new Deli Mexicana opened near us! 

Watching TV.

Charlie was under the weather. Such a sweet little boy all curled up with my phone and a blanket. 

Center of music class, just taking it all in. 

Sometimes we sit on the potty. 


Bryan had his mom bring me flowers on valentines day! 

The guest room is mostly done. Still needs a lamp shade, crown molding, and for someone to paint the window. Getting there. 

Double fisting it. 

Bryan trying to teach Charlie how to jump. 

Getting a haircut. 

I thought the light was so pretty, but then he had a fit over something stupid. 

Sweet friends. 

Learning something new. 

Charlie has been sick these last few days. This was from Sunday morning when the boys snoozed together for two hours. 

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