Feb 3, 2017

Charlie is 2!

How did this even happen? We have a two year old? Some days it seems like it was just yesterday that we were in the hospital with him, but most it feels like it was eons ago. Either way, our Charlie Bear is 2 and we some how adore him even more.

We kicked off the celebrations on Sunday at my parent's house.

He was very into the cake. 

Bryan was so sweet and make pancakes for breakfast on his actual birthday. Charlie was a bit confused as to how old he really was. 

At church the sweet nursery workers made him a sign and had all the kids "sign" it. One of our favorite nursery workers even gave Charlie a present. It is so sweet to me to see how others love on this boy. 

After nap time the three of us headed to the zoo. 

Charlie wasn't so sure about most things and looked like this most of the time. But he warmed up some. 

He even took a picture with his Daddy. 

Later we had the grandparents and Bubba over for dinner. 

Charlie was really into the cake and singing. He even blew out both candles. 

What can I say about this boy? He's got a sweet heart and a quick temper. He makes everything a game and his love of Daniel Tiger "Kaka" knows no bounds. 

At the two year mark we are now officially helmet free!!! I am so excited to be able to kiss my babies head and play with his hair anytime I want now! 

Happy Birthday, Charlie! We love you!

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