Feb 13, 2017

Saturday in the Yard

We've been blessed with some really nice days lately. It hardly feels like February. 

This past Saturday it was in the high 70s with mostly cloudy skies. Which means it was the perfect weather for being outside! We hadn't intended to spend the whole day outside, but we did. 

Our goal for the day was to do some research on our future raised beds. We shopped at Lowe's, compared ready-made beds and building it ourselves. Bryan was going to purchase some lumbar at the local lumbar yard, but it closed early on Saturday. Womp womp. 

Instead, we ended up building and establishing our new compost bed. We composted for several years at our old house, but haven't set up a new pile in this house. I'm so glad we finally got it started and I can start tossing our food waste in there. 

Bryan and Charlie raked up some leaves to put in the new compost heap. Charlie was great at helping. 

Here they are with the new pile. 

Bryan was trying to get Charlie to point to the pile. He stood up close and pointed very closely with his hands. It's hard to see above, but it was so cute. 

Is the child compostable? 

Charlie was able to pull the bin all by himself. It was so sweet to see him doing it all on his own. He has a special little heart that loves loves loves helping. I hope I can remember to be patient with him and let him help and learn, rather than doing it myself simply because it's faster. 

We picked up three bags of leaves and gumballs. We also ended up burning a good number of gumballs in the fire after Charlie went to bed. We have about a million gumballs in the yard thanks to three mature trees. Any other ideas of how to dispose or collect?  

All in all it was a great day. 


Brett Baddorf said...

Such great pictures! Charlie is getting so big!! It was neg 70 with wind chill here today... opposite day!

Brett Baddorf said...

Such Great Pics!!