Feb 16, 2017

Photos by Charlie

Charlie's developed a bit of a phone addiction. I've made the unfortunate choice to allow him to play with my phone on occasion and now he can't stop.  He's constantly asking for it. It's actually a bit of a problem. 

Lately he's gotten into playing with the camera and taking pictures. I'm constantly deleting photos by the dozens. But every once in a while I'll keep one. Here's a few lately that I've kept. 

If you ever want to be convicted of your resting bitchy face, let your toddler take pictures of you. Yikes! The one above was after being convicted of how my face looked as I'm changing diapers. It's usually not good. Since those first changing table pictures I've made a habit of trying to be happier and fun when changing diapers. 

Poor Charlie and Bryan see this view probably too often. Side note: great book. 

Bryan and I both loved this one. Maybe we have a budding photographer on our hands? 

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Brett Baddorf said...

I definitely love the photo he took through the wine glass. Super good eye Charlie man.