Feb 2, 2017

January Life Lately

First picture of the new year! 

We went out for Mexican and Charlie charmed the waitress so much she brought us all free dessert. 

Charlie has learned to ask for his picture taken and pose. It's pretty adorable and I continue to amuse him for as long as this stage lasts. 

Happy boy! The days we can play outside lately have been rare and we are loving it when we can. 

GrandJan and Charlie playing in the closet of my aunt's new condo. 

Again with the posing. 

Roasting marshmellows in the fire. 

Charlie adores posing for photos. The only problem is that he's rarely still long enough for me to actually get the photo before he starts running over to see what it looks like. 

We've got a serious runner of halls on our hands. Especially at church he will just take off. But part of me thinks its so sweet since these are the same halls I used to run too. 

Posing and playing with the green dog at GrandJan's. 

Charlie loves to help!

Playing with Cade one day. 

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