Mar 1, 2017

Coloring on Paper

My mom got Charlie a child-sized table and chairs for Christmas. We put it in his room and keep paper and chunky crayons out at all times. Charlie has gotten really into "color on paper" which sounds more like color purple. I spent about a week correcting him until I realized he was saying paper and not purple. Don't get me wrong, he still hasn't learned all his colors, but at least I now know what he's really saying. Whoops.

He usually wakes up and wants to color. Whenever we are upstairs he wants to color. It's so sweet and I enjoy sitting with him and coloring.

I need to start researching other art projects we can take on at this time.  About six months ago I got out some paint to try to finger paint with him, but he was NOT into it. He doesn't like getting his hands dirty so finger paint is probably out.

If you have any good ideas for art projects for two year olds, please let me know!!! 

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