May 11, 2009


We finally got the guest bedroom looking more like a guest bedroom and less like a paint supply/storage closet. But there are a few final touches needed. Like throw pillows, pillow shams, beside lamp, bedside table. And there a few more things like to do, like getting some outdoor storage to put the bikes and lawn mower up. I haven't seen too many guest rooms with lawn mowers.

So I went to the nearby T.J. Maxx to see if I could find anything for the guest room. But I found something else instead.

We were fortunate enough to be able to get a king size bed from family members. Its an awesome mattress and super comfy, not to mention tons of room if we feel like sprawling out. But its extra deep. Every night one or both of our corners pops off. I've been looking sporadically for extra deep sheets, but they are super expensive.

But today I totally scored. Extra deep king sheets with a high thread count of Egyptian cotton. All for the low low price of $29.95. Whooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! So happy... now I just need to get an extra deep mattress pad.

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