May 19, 2009

Estate Sales

A few years ago my mom started going to estate sales fairly regularly on the weekends. Not being interested in stuff for a home or decorating, I rarely went. (Although I did find some cool vintage necklaces the few times I went.) But since getting married, I have taken to going almost every weekend. Its become quite the addiction. I won't even need anything, but still feel the urge to go, just because you never know what you might stumble upon. (And sometimes its fun just to go in different homes!)

The Baddass doesn't usually like going to estate sales, so I usually go with my mom, sister-in-law, or by myself. In fact, the first time I took him to a sale, he claimed he was creeped out.

He's a pretty good sport about my coming home with random things from my shopping ventures. But he's never picked anything out himself... until this past weekend.

We had gone to a sale on Saturday, but didn't find anything. Sunday we met my parents and grandparents to give them something at the same sale. We were wondering around pointing out things that were too expensive to purchase. Then the Baddass wonders in and says he's seen something. It was quite adorable and I urged him to ask what the price was. Since it was reasonable, we went ahead and purchased it.

Now my sweet hubby, is an estate sale shopper too. I'm not sure that he'll want to go along with me most of the time or even ever pick something out again. But it made my little heart jump for a brief second (or going on three days now).

Check out the purchase in our bedroom:

I have been looking for weeks for something to put on the ground by the fireplace. The colors are perfect for the room and its a unique object. I had shied away from the usual items readily available at many of the decorating stores, simply because I hate having something that is in millions of other homes. (One of the many reasons I like shopping at estate sales to begin with.)

So good job, Baby!

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