May 29, 2009


One of the things I loved right away about our house is the back extra room. It was part of an addition later on and is a small room attached to the laundry room and guest bedroom. Its too small to really be a bedroom, but its the perfect size for a large walk in closet or study. The previous owner had a clothing rack in there when we toured it. I claimed the room as my own before we even put an offer on the house.

The day we closed on the house we bought two cheap garment racks at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And my mom gave us another to make three. Her's was the metal, study kind, but didn't have a shelf on top. The two we purchased were mostly plastic with metal rods. We ran into problems right away. One of them leaned and the other fell over a day after we put it up. One held only shirts, so we lowered that and haven't had any problems since. The other held dresses and an organizer, so we just let it lean. The leaning got progressively worse. So we broke down and purchased a replacement, this time springing for the more expensive variety.

Check it out:


Tigger approved stable clothing rack.

This change also prompted some cleaning, straightening, and giving away, furthuring sprucing up my closet space.

I need to decide what to do with the walls. They seem a bit blank over the racks. Maybe I will frame my Chanel calendar after all this time. Any thoughts?

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