May 28, 2009

A morning with Bosco

Since the Baddass and I both work full time, we usually leave Bosco outside while we're gone. On Saturday, I was off but the husband was working. So Bosco and I chilled at the house in the morning.

Bosco has developed a fascination with the bathroom. She knows how to open the door if we close it. She is constantly pulling things out of the trash can. I've found a couple of her toys in the shower.

But Saturday she had the worst bathroom obsession yet. I was in the kitchen reading and she wondered off for a few minutes. I call for her to stop whatever she's gotten into and she runs out with the husband's tooth brush in her mouth. Since it wasn't mine, I was amused.

Later she pulled the entire roll of the toilet paper off.

Even though she can get into mischief pretty easily, you can't look at her face without loving her.

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