May 6, 2009


The Baddass and I have this thing that helps us get through the week. Its called Margarita Mondays. That's right, every Monday we partake in Margaritas. It is much needed most Mondays.

We've sampled margaritas at many of the local Mexican restaurants. My favorite by far is Molly's half and half margarita. Not only is it delicious, but the Baddass and I can share when one more is just too much. (Normally he likes his frozen and I like my margarita on the rocks.)

We've also tried many of the mixes to make at home. Nothing, let me reiterate, NOTHING compares to this though:

That's right, Fat Mama's Knock You Naked. Its not just a sweet name, its the best damn margarita mix, ever. Its not overly strong, but I think it gets its name because its so delicious that you keep drinking and keep drinking and then low behold, you're naked!

You can purchase it on their website.... please buy me some too... or buy it and make it and then invite me over!

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