Nov 14, 2008


Oh my! I have caught the Christmas spirit in a big way. I've had a slight urge the past few weeks to listen to Christmas music, but it has been my rule in past years to wait for after Thanksgiving to begin Christmas celebrations. (This rule excludes Christmas present shopping, I like to get that chore out of the way so as not to interfer with actual Christmas celebrations.) I caved one afternoon last week at work. After so many hours of the same tedious task, I just needed some kind of pick me up. It was a momently fling into the merriness.

However, today a co-worker had Christmas music going at her work station in the back. WRVR, our mellow, dentist-office radio station, had already begun playing Christmas music non-stop.

Then after work I was driving a very short distance to Target. I didn't want to be bothered with plugging in my iPod and the unplugging and turning it off once I arrived at the store, so I turned on the radio... to WRVR.

Big mistake!

Jingle Bell Rock was playing. Only one of my very favorite Christmas songs. In fact, it was such a short trip I had to stay in the car until the song ended.

Yeah, so Target is now fully stocked for your Christmas needs, as am I.

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