Nov 22, 2008


Today's Agenda

Wake up, make coffee because Husband made snarky comments to his brother about me making him make me coffee.

Read unread literature cluttering the den area.

Admire all the new channels (with sound now).

Dust den.

Go to the grocery store.

Deep clean the kitchen for the first time since living there.

Be repeatedly grossed out in the process.

Plan estate sale shopping for the afternoon.

Lunch with the women in husband's family. Deny all alcohol because drinking early is not fun unless a beach or pool are nearby and someone to fix and fetch drinks is available.

Hit all the good estate sales.

Hit all the good thrift stores with the husband.

Come home to relax and enjoy the prepared chili ready for your in the crock pot. Enjoy Bosco's beer at home and a Netflix movie in p.j.'s.

Take expensive cough medicine, go to bed.

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