Nov 28, 2008


Pending the inspection and all that closing stuff, the Baddass and I bought a house. We're very excited. Its almost perfect... and it will be after we paint a couple of rooms. So I've been thinking about paint colors. I will need to paint the kitchen, laundry room, guest bedroom, master bedroom, and bathroom.

My mother, being a loving mother and who wants to help, suggested that I consult our family interior designer for colors. For just an hour consultation I can pay $200, visit with the interior designer we haven't seen since Mom bought living room furniture, and get a couple of paint swatches.

I took a home furnishings class in college. I can pick swatches for myself. So I went to Sherwin Williams today. It can be slightly overwhelming. Maybe it is easier to make decisions for you. Sometimes I wish I could pay someone to make all my decisions for me. Like what to eat for dinner, what movie to watch, how much to drink, etc.... Wasn't that on a Friend's episode once?


Catherine Mullen said...

Hi Rachael

I hope you don't mind if I leave a comment here... I was looking for your email address on your blog, but have had little success :(

You mention a pasta dish on Pioneer Woman's comment section... and I'm dead keen to find it out :)?

I have a friend here who adores pasta dishes and I'd love to suprise her with something she may never have had before.

My grateful appreciation and thanks


Rachel said...

Oh its quite alright. I don't have the recipe, but its home made pasta and he cuts it 1" stips and then rolls them up with proscuitto and covers it with a cheesy alfredo like sauce. I don't know where you live, but the resturant is in Collierville, TN, if you are ever in the area you have to go to one of his resturants. They are amazing!