Dec 31, 2016

December Life Lately

December was a weird month for us. It was marked by disparate swings from busy fun stuff to at home with out Bryan for days at a time.  We enjoyed our Disney trip at the beginning of the month and then Bryan was gone pretty much Monday through Friday until Christmas. 

Below are a few pictures that I probably haven't already shared in our Christmas posts. 

Charlie was greatly amused to find Christmas trees on his plates and bowls after I pulled out the Christmas china. 

The first two weeks of having the tree Charlie was utterly fascinated and we had to tell him not to touch the tree so many times. By the end of the month it wasn't such an issue. There is hope for you mamas of little ones. 

Charlie and I attempted to rake one day. He was not such a good helper at this task. 

Mom remembered she had this coat in storage. It was my brothers and its the perfect size for Charlie right now! 

Charlie and his Bubba. 

Well that wraps up 2016. It's been a crazy year. Ultimately it treated us pretty good, but I'm excited to see what comes in 2017. 

Happy New Year!

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