Dec 6, 2016

Disney World Trip 2016

This past weekend I got to fly to Orlando to meet Bryan for an adults birthday weekend at Disney World! It was sort of a last minute (errr... planned in September) trip. Bryan worked at The Running Event in Orlando from Tuesday through Friday, so I left the kid with his grandparents and met him in Florida! Why not?

We spent Saturday at the Magic Kingdom and Sunday at Epcot. Then we flew home on Monday. A whirlwind trip that was sooooo needed. I forgot how much I needed some adult time with just my husband and best friend. 

Here's a few pictures and a quick re-cap of the trip. 

We Uber-ed everywhere. It was probably the same in the end as getting a rental  car, but being dropped off close to the parks was worth it to us. On Saturday morning we took the ferry across a lake to the entrance of Magic Kingdom. It was a nice touch and something I had never done before. 

We took more selfies in two days than we have ever in our whole lives. 

Screenshot from the Disney video they try to sell us. No thanks, Disney. 


Pretty much the closet we came to any of the characters. 

I had been thinking about that popsicle since we started thinking about this trip. Worth it. 

We really loved Epcot.  The food! The drinks! It was much more our speed. 

For the Christmas season they had speakers and entertainers at each country talking about their Christmas traditions. Above is Pere Noel from France, below Helga from Germany. 

Fun Fact: I'm hiding a giant pretzel behind Helga, and Bryan is holding a big beer behind me. 

The Norway talk was one of our favorites. 

Birthday dessert in France. 

Bryan and I had a great time and are thankful for the opportunity to get to go. See you in about 4-5 years, Disney. 

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