Dec 12, 2016

Charlie Meets Santa!

Charlie recently learned about Santa. Well, really he can just recognize him. He doesn't know about presents or being bad or good yet. I bought him a Night Before Christmas book and on the cover is Santa Clause. So I pointed to him and said Santa. He quickly learned the word. The other night we watched Elf and there too I pointed out Santa. He quickly pointed from his book to the tv and back again. 

This past Saturday our local nursery, Good Winds, offered a time to meet Santa (with hot chocolate and cookies too!) and we jumped at the chance. We really miss being able to walk more places. This is the one business we can walk to. 

I was not about to take Charlie to the mall to pay a bunch of money to see Santa anyways. This was perfect. It was intimate and close and the Santa was so sweet and patient with Charlie. 

Charlie recognized him right away as we waited our turn. He was willing to go up to him and shake his hand, but did not want to sit in his lap. So Bryan and I took turns holding him and taking pictures. Charlie really enjoyed the cookies, if you can't tell. 

We have another chance to meet Santa on Friday. I think its even the same one, so we will see how that goes. 

Charlie is really enjoying this season. He loves pointing out Christmas trees and Santas wherever we go. 

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